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Our Services

We manage, run & create Content for All your social media platforms with advertising Playing a key role in our overall strategy.

The platforms we like to play in:

Imagery & videography is a Big exciting portion of what we do & a niche we feel like we've carved Out for ourselves.

We are a phenomenal team of creatives who have been lucky enough to work within an diverse and inspiring variety of industries.

Our Specialties

Content creation Goes far beyond Photos & videos, there's A Critical process to it.

At Two Birds the only thing we love more than pitching creative, managing socials and executing on adverts is actualising on those ideas, getting our hands dirty to create high end content to accelerate and enrich our client's ambitions.

What We Do.

Brainstorm mood boards & shot lists.

Pitch a curated tone and vibe, colour palette and creative direction (all before we even touch a camera or create a digital asset).

Plan shoot dates, timeframes, resources, props, people, talent & shoot locations.

Create the content. Whether it's in the studio or shooting out a helicopter, bet we're bringing our A-game.

Edit, Edit, Edit.

Share content to you (the lovely client) for approval, feedback, and needed changes.

How We Do it.

Collaboration is at the centre of how we do what we do. We love hearing from you, even if it’s just sending back a thumbs up. 👍🏼

We're a gifted ensemble of content creators and brand strategists.

  • We manage your socials,
  • capture your imagery,
  • shoot your reels,
  • run your ads,
  • elevate your brand
  • and celebrate you in the process.

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We're Excited to Hear From You & the best part is you've got options.

Whether you're still throwing around the big ideas or locked and loaded, we'd love to chat. Swing us a message via the form or hit us up on our socials.

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Two Birds Social is a bespoke Social Media Agency that has seen many forms of social media & content landscape in marketing.

Founded in 2015, with locations in both Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we love continually evolving, being creative as heck & forming great relationships with great clients.

We can’t wait to meet you, we’ve got some big ideas.